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WACO Title song from the film "Waco" (1966) (Lyrics: Hal Blair / Music: Jimmie Haskell) Lorne Greene (Film Soundtrack) - 1966 (Waco) He stood tall with heavy guns that tied down at the thigh Gunmen knew that to test his draw was to pick your time to die He'd been an outlaw, deadly mean, the ones that knew him said But now a badge gleamed on his chest and he was the law instead (Waco, Waco) People moved away from him, his smile was grim and cold The badge he wore was a mockery for the notches on his soul Was he good or was he bad, even Waco didn’t know The girl he loved was promised now, so which way would he go (Waco, Waco) The hour was gettin' closer and the odds were mighty long His life would be the forfeit if he decided wrong She was gone, would not be his, what was he fighting for The people of a little town that couldn’t despise him more (Waco, Waco) No more time, he must decide, some thought he might have prayed He checked his guns then faced the street, a decision had been made There was a dignity about him, a sombre look of doom The people that were in his way moved back and gave him room Never had he faced such odds, he’d never learned to run He had lived and now he’d die with his only friend, the gun A solemn lonely figure moving up the dusty street A solitary target for the fate he was to meet (Waco, Waco, Waco, Waco) When the vengeance fight exploded, his big guns cut them down And that day will be remembered as long as there’s a town The people saw one gunman stand and fight an outlaw band He gave them courage they had lost and they backed him to the man (Waco) Now his job was finished here, as he slowly turned away A hand reached out and touched his arm and a gentle voice said, "Stay” The girl he’d loved forever was standing at his side And the real man that was Waco lived, and the outlaw Waco died (Waco, Waco, Waco, Waco, Waco), Yah!) (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen - September 2004) (Updated by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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