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WAITING FOR A MIRACLE Bruce Cockburn Working and waiting in the hot sun With all the rich saints, and the fallen ones Working and waiting for the night to come And we're waiting for a, and we're waiting for a And we're waiting for a miracleSomewhere out there is a land that's cool Where peace and balance are the rule Working for the future like some kind of mystic jewel Chorus You rub the palm of your hand on the driving pain In the hopes that you can see (when you're waiting) Stand up tall, pretend you're strongIn the hopes that you can be (when you're waiting) Like the one's that cry, like the ones that die Trying to set the angel in us free And the waiting for a, and the waiting for a And the waiting for a miracle Scuffle for a nickel, struggle for a dime Forget about the past, leave your worries behind Home come the future has to take such a long, long time? Chorus (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - November 2002)


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