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WALKING ON THE MILKY WAY Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark When I was only 17 My head was full of brilliant dreams My heart would call and I would gladly go At 21 the world was mine And I was yours and your divine And nothing else would matter to a soul I don't believe in destiny I don't believe in love I don't believe that anything will ever be enough (Chorus) Oh, man you should have seen us On the way to Venus Walking on the Milky Way It was quite a day Walking on the big stuff Acting like we're real tough Baby we were on our way So what you say As time goes by reality Destroys your hope and dignity There's nothing left but shadows on the wall But just remember who you are And where you've been you've come so far And never ever let them see you fall I don't believe in miracles I don't believe in truth I don't believe that anything can recreate your youth Chorus Bridge Walking on the Milky Way Chorus (repeat twice)


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