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WALKING THE FLOOR OVER YOU (Tubb) Ernest Tubb - 1941 Pat Boone - 1958 The Three Sounds - 1961 Glen Campbell - 1963 George Hamilton IV - 1965 Ernest Tubb & Friends - 1979 Asleep At The Wheel - 1988 Also recorded by: Jim Reeves; Merle Haggard; Eddie Dean; Jerry Lee Lewis; Hank Locklin; Sandy Denny; Bing Crosby; Ray Price; Floyd Tillman; Freddie Fender; Floyd Cramer; Osborne Brothers; King Curtis. You left me and you went away, You said that you'd be back in just a day, You've broken your promise and you left me all alone, I don't know why you did dear, but I do know that you're gone. CHORUS: I'm walking the floor over you, I can't sleep a wink that is true. I'm hoping and I'm praying as my heart breaks right in two, Walking the floor over you. Now darling you know I love you well, I love you more than I can ever tell, I thought that you wanted me and always would be mine, But you went and left me here with troubled mind. CHORUS Now someday you may be lonesome too, Walking the floor is good for you. Just keep right on walking and it won't hurt you to cry, Remember that I love you and I will until I die. CHORUS


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