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WALK IN THE BLACK FOREST, A (Horst Jankowski (m) Roy L Cowan (l) ) Salena Jones with Horst Jankowski & his Orchestra recorded 1966 also recorded by - Horst Jankowski & his Orchestra '65 (instrumental) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Russ Conway Floyd Cramer Marty Gold Bill Justis Billy Vaughan Roger Williams The trees join hands and say hello, And suddenly everywhere we go The sun Beams through in fun. The leaves form patterns like a heart, And whisper forever, "Never part, Be true, 'Cause I love you!". Shadows write words of love across our path; Birds sing, how lucky those who love just grows together! Blades of grass stand on and on And chatter together in a calm That's green And so serene, A memory of Our walk of love. In a dream a stream goes by, Reflecting a message from the sky Above, And here and there we look around, To see other lovers who have found Their way. Crickets tap out their symphony in code; Rabbits run helter-skelter, finding shelter here. And flowers swaying in the breeze Look up to the branches of the trees And sing, As birds take wing. All this is true, 'Cause I love you! 'Cause I love you! 'Cause I love you! 'Cause I love you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2013)


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