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WALK WITH ME (Antonín Leopold Dvořák (m) 1893 / (l) George Cates / Irving Taylor / Larry Gordon) As sung by the Lennon Sisters 1957 < Let's Get Acquainted > Walk with me Walk with me I'm can't walk alone By my side, be my guide Through the great unknown. Cast Your light Through the night And I'll find my way With Your hand In my hand I'll not go astray. Talk with me Say to me I need have no fear Walk with me Walk with me For I need You near... For I need You near. Notes: The four Lennon sisters (of 6) were part of an 11 sibling family which formed this traditional American pop group. Dianne, Peggy, Kathy and Janet got their start on the Lawrence Welk show in the 1950s. The melody for the above lyric was written by Antonín Leopold Dvořák (September 8,1841 - May 1, 1904) and the symphony is Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, 'From The New World', or more commonly known as the New World Symphony. The melody springs from the Second Movement (the Largo). Over the years, many lyrics have been written and applied to Dvořák's work. In the above case, one might say that the Lennon Sisters offering is a spiritualized version of the Largo. No matter how one regards the variety of lyrics available and ambivalence of view re it's original intended use and ultimate resolution, most agree that the melody and lyrics are at once thoughtful, soulful and moving. Please see Goin' Homefor a more in depth discussion of this melody/lyric. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2014).


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