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WALTZING IN A DREAM (Music: Victor Young /Lyrics: Ned Washington & Bing Crosby) Bing Crosby (with Anson Weeks' Orch.) - 1932 Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - 1932 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly)- 1933 They're playing a song of romance As we're swaying along in a dance But somehow I feel this night is unreal Sweetheart, can't you see at a glance I'm waltzing in a dream with you, love Won't you make the dream come true, love Hold me to your heart and never let me free Always be close to me Won't you fill this night of splendour With your kisses sweet and tender Let me hear you whisper, "I surrender" While I'm waltzing in a dream with you (Contributed by Peter Akers - November 2008) (Updated by Mel Priddle - September 2014)


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