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WANG WANG BLUES (Henry Busse / B. Johnson / Gus Mueller / Leo Wood) Paul Whiteman & His Orch. (Instr.) - 1920 Benny Goodman Sextet (Instr.) - 1941 Spike Jones & His City Slickers (vocal: Del Porter) - 1943 The Ames Brothers - 1951 Bennie Krueger Orchestra - ? I got the bluest blues (He's got the bluest blues) I'm just as blue as can be (He's got the blues) Just got the awful news (He's got some awful news) My sweetie sweet has left me (She left him flat) I love her so (He loves her so) And now I know (And now he knows) This awful blow (That awful blow) Will lay me low (Will lay him low) Oh Lordy, Lord, what she did to me (Lord, what she did to he) I'm just as sad as can be (Oh, sad is he) I got those Wang Wang blues (He's got the blues) Those awful Wang Wang blues (Those dirty blues) Oh brother I never knew I'd be so blue Until she went away (Oh, mercy me) I got those Wang Wang Blues (As blue as blue) Those lonesome Wang Wang Blues (So sad and blue) I wish my sweet sweetie would come back And chase away those Wang Wang Blues (Transcribed from the Spike Jones/Del Porter recording by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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