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WARM AND TENDER From the film "Lizzie" (Written by Hal David / Burt Bacharach) Johnny Mathis Make me yours, make me yours, make me yours When my lips are touching yours, my love Heaven opens up its doors, my love Warm and tender soul, warm and tender love Lips that you grant me just seem to enchant me We kiss and I know I've been kissed When I'm lost in your embrace, my love It's like flyin' into space, my love Warm and tender soul, warm and tender your Arms hold me tightly, they thrill and excite me And I'd be a fool to resist you The moment you're near my life can start When we're apart, my life is through Each single tingle deep down in my heart Just beats for you, beats for you, beats for you! With each yearning burning in my soul Loving only you will be my goal Warm and tender in sweet surrender I Offer my lips and I offer my arms and I Offer my heart that implores Won't you make me yours? Make me yours Make me yours


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