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WASTING MY LIFE AWAY (Ernest Tubb) Ernest Tubb – 1941 I’m Wasting My Life Away And my hair is fast turning gray On my life the sun never beams And sorrows fill all of my dreams Once I was happy and free And grief was a stranger to me Then you taught me to love you and left me this way Just Wasting My Life Away INSTRUMENTALS You should have left me alone And not let me called you my own But somehow you just didn’t care There’s nothing about you that’s fair If ever there should come the time That your life is messed up like mine Just remember I love you but I hope that you pay For Wasting My Life Away INSTRUMENTALS Once I thought love was Devine But I was just foolish and blind And I hope that you’re satisfied For you crushed my spirit and cried It’s hard to feel like I do But you know I owe it to you And I hope that it hurts you when you hear me say I’m Wasting My Life Away (Contributed by lylemalone - August 2005)


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