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WAY DOWN IN IOWA (I'm Going To Hide Away) (Sam. M. Lewis, Joe Young / George W. Meyer, 1916) I found a horse shoe yesterday; It brought me good luck right away. Now I'm not superstitious, But my wishes all came true. I went and rubbed a rusty nail, And then I made a wish for mail. Next day a letter said "you'd better come home without fail". My palm was itching all last night, That means I'll get my fare all right. I found a four leaf clover, Hard luck's over, me for home! My ear is ringing like a bell, That means the folks all wish me well. Now I'm delighted, so excited, I could fairly yell. I'm gonna hide away, on a little farm in Iowa; I'm gonna ride away, on the road that leads to yesterday. Why, I can almost picture dear old mother, Sprinkling sugar on my bread and butter, Way down in that town in Iowa. Two heads are crowned with gray; Oh! I owe them more than I can pay, The fields of new mown hay just moan and say: "Go home and stay;" And when I get back with them both, I'll never leave, I'll take an oath, I'll hide away, way down in Iowa.


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