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WEB OF LOVE From the film "The Great Gabbo" (1929) (Paul Titsworth / Lynn Cowan) Betty Compson & Donald Douglas (Film Soundtrack) - 1929 The High Hatters - 1929 DOUGLAS: There's a story that you'll know Of a spider in his home And the timid little, creeping little fly COMPSON: I don't believe in love devine I've had them one too many times But anything with you can be divine DOUGLAS: It's just another version of a fairy tale, that's true Let me be the spider and the fly a girl like you.... DOUGLAS: When you're caught in the web of love There is nothing that you can do COMPSON: Somebody's arms so tightly wrapped around you Somebody's lips to say "I'm glad I found you" DOUGLAS: There is joy in each fond caress COMPSON: Girl and boy find their happiness Blue skies above you DOUGLAS: They know I love you BOTH: When you're caught in the web of love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2007) (Contributed by - October 2007)


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