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WE CAN BE TOGETHER Jefferson Airplane We can be together Ah you and me We should be together We are all outlaws in the eyes of America In order to survive we steal cheat lie forge Fred? Hide and deal We are obscene lawless hideous dangerous dirty violent and young But we should be together Come on all you people standing around Our life's too fine to let it die and We can be together All your private property is Target for your enemy And your enemy is We We are forces of chaos and anarchy Everything they say we are we are And we are very Proud of ourselves Up against the wall Up against the wall Fred (motherfucker) Tear down the walls Tear down the walls Come on now together Get it on together Everybody together We should be together We should be together my friends We can be together We will be We must begin here and now A new continent of earth and fire Come on now getting higher and higher Tear down the walls Tear down the walls Tear down the walls Won't you try


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