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WE CAN'T GET ALONG From the short film "Office Blues" (1930) (Music by Vernon Duke / Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg) Ginger Rogers (Film Soundtrack) - 1930 There is he, here is me We're no match, it's plain to see He's a perfect lover, but not for me We agree perfectly Every time we disagree Keep this undercover, he's so NG I'm delectable, he's respectable My love's negotiable, he won't be sociable I see where we can't get along I start squeezin' up, he starts freezin' up I hate to urge a man, he's like a clergyman I see where we can't get along He is such a colour-blind bee And I'm a wasted flower I'm the type reads Elinor Glyn And he reads Schopenhauer I am cynical, he's rabbinical I'm all for flyin' out, he's all for cryin' out, loudly Say, we can't get along I start pettin' up, he starts gettin' up He tells me not to do things that I've got to do I see where we can't get along I'm for tastin' life, he's just wasting life What has he gotten me, only monotony I see where we can't get along No one born in eighteen-o-one Could be so antiquated Why is he a millionaire's son When we are so mismated He's desire-proof, I'm not fireproof Wants me to mother him, I'd rather smother him I'll die if I don't get along Bah-dah-dah-dah-dum Lah-dum, lah-dum, lah-dah-dah-dah (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2011)


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