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WEE COOPER O'FIFE (Traditional) Burl Ives Also recorded by : The Kirkintilloch Band; Royal Scottisch National Orch.; Tommy Scott. There was a wee cooper what lived in Fife (Chorus 1: Knickety, knackety, noo noo noo) And he had gotten a gentle wife (Chorus 2: Hey willy-wallacky, how John Dougal, a lane quo rooshety roo roo roo). She wouldna bake, nor she wouldna brew (Chorus 1) For the spoilin' o' her comely hue (Chorus 2) She wouldna wash, nor she wouldna wring (Chorus 1) For the spoilin' o' her gowden ring (Chorus 2) She wouldna card, nor she wouldna spin (Chorus 1) For the shamin' o' her gentle kin (Chorus 2) So the wee cooper went to his woodpack (Chorus 1) And laid a sheepskin on his wife's back (Chorus 2) 'Now, I wouldna thrash ye for your gentle kin, (Chorus 1) But I would thrash me ain sheepskin.' (Chorus 2) 'Oh, I will bake and I will brew, (Chorus 1) And nae mair think o' my comely hue! (Chorus 2) 'And I will wash and I will wring, (Chorus 1) And nae mair think o' my gowden ring! (Chorus 2) 'And I will card and I will spin (Chorus 1) And nae mair think o' my gentle kin!' (Chorus 2) So ye what has gotten a gentle wife, (Chorus 1) Just ye send for the wee cooper o' Fife! (Chorus 2, slowing down at the end)


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