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WEEKEND OF A PRIVATE SECRETARY, THE Bernie Hanighen (m) Johnny Mercer (l) 1938 as rec by Mildred Bailey w Red Norvo & his Orch Feb 10th 1938 New York also rec by- Charlene Bartley Eileen Farrell Monica Mancini Glenn Miller & his Orch Mrs Miller I went to Havana on one of those cruises, For forty nine fifty, to spend a few days. I went to Havana to look at the natives, To study their customs, their picturesque ways. In searching for some local colour, I ran across a Cuban Gent, And he was such a big sensation, I forgot the population! He showed me the city, he showed me the customs, My trip to Havana was quite a success! We had a bacardi, I forgot the clock, So we were tardy In returning to the dock. So I delayed it, Even dropping my shawl; The Cuban made it As they made the final call, Darn it all! I'm back in my office, I'm punching the time clock, But you can bet my mind is not on my work! Instead of bacardi I'm ordering bromo, Instead of the Cuban I'm stuck with the clerk! The other girls can go to Europe And marry into royalty, And they can get an earl or a marquis, Or a Russian, or a darky! But when I get married and settle in Brooklyn, He may be a slicker, he may be a hick, Or a Rubens, But you can bet that he'll be Cuban! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2011)


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