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WEEPING WILLOW Glen Stuart Recorded by Glen Stuart on Pye Nixa 7N.15323 Did he know of a day when you'd take your love away? Did he know of a night when I wouldn't hold you tight? I carved an arrow on a heart, did he know we would part? I just laughed when he cried but I never knew That the heart I had carved would be crying over you; And you would leave the willow tree all alone with me. But he said "Have fun, go find someone; I'll do your crying for you." Now I can't deny that I'm gonna try to find someone new. ‘Cos I couldn't cry like a weepy willow tree, Every tear that I shed took away a memory, And my heart closed its door, I don't care any more - No I don't care for you any more. Copyright: 1959 Published by Mills Music Ltd Mills House, Denmark Street, London WC2 (Contributed by Paul Daniel - July 2009)


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