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WEEP NO MORE MY LADY (Let Me See Your Smile) (Words and Music by: L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1914) Harold Jones he courted little Josephine, and what a queen, was Josephine. 'Till she started reading Laura Libbey Jean, and now's she lost her little winning disposition; no more loving sunny smile, sobbing, sighing, all the while. Harold couldn't stand it, so he said "My dear, I want to say right here." Crazy 'bout the photo play is Josephine, the crying scene up on the screen reads a novel of every night and in between woeful Josie cries enough to fill a bucket, 'fact I've heard some people say, she read "Three Weeks" in one day. Every time it's raining Harold always sneers "Those are Josie's tears." Weep no more my lady I want to see your sunny smile! Stop now, stop now you weeping willow! All night you cry upon your pillow. Weep no more my lady can't you stop that for awhile I know you show you're temperamental, but it won't go, please don't be sentimental, 'cause you won me with your wonderful smile.


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