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WELL SIR (Bobby Troup) as recorded by Julie London with Orchestra directed by Pete King 1958 In this lonely bar, I'm glad that you sat down beside me; Like your company, like your drinks and all the rest. Don't feel much like talkin' 'bout this dream that's been denied me, But as you say, it might be well to get it off my chest. Well sir, There's really not too much to tell sir, I took one look at him and fell sir, And I am doing not so well sir! Well sir, I'd like to crawl back in my shell sir, But I'm completely in his spell sir; I think you understand me well sir! Feelin' sorry for myself, I know it's wrong, of this I am aware! Might as well feel sorry for myself, For I'm the only one around to care! Well sir, I guess that's all there is to tell sir, And so before I say farewell sir, Make mine another scotch and seltzer, Another scotch and seltzer. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2014)


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