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(WE'LL STROLL THROUGH THE PARK) JUST AS WE USED TO DO (Words by Lew Brown, Ed Moran / Music by Roy Ingraham, 1919) Mabel used to worry, Mabel used to pout, she said, "Oh! will my darling Jack be the same when he gets back." Mabel got a cable, now Mabel doesn't doubt, it read "My dear, I'm leaving here, my program's all mapped out." Mabel swept the parlor, brought it up to date, she fixed the sofa where it would be in a place where none could see. Mabel now is nervous for she can hardly wait she wrote to Jack, said "Hurry back I think your plans are great." We'll stroll through the park just as we used to do we'll go for a lark just as we used to do we'll sit in the parlor and turn the lights down low right on my knee is where you'll be and oh! oh! oh! we'll hug and squeeze just as we used to do; we'll kiss and tease, just as we used to do your dad will yell, "turn up that light," and what else can we do, we'll have to kiss and say "Good night" just as we used to do.


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