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WE'RE HAVING A BABY fr "Banjo Eyes" 1941 musical sb Eddie Cantor & "Hollywood Canteen" 1944 film sb Eddie Cantor & Nora Martin Vernon Duke (m) Harold Adamson (l) 1941 Eddie Cantor & Nora Martin (film soundtrack) [ec] We've been married a year or more, It was a year worth living! Now we've got a thrill in store, Here's the news we're giving; We're having a baby, My baby and me; You'll read it in Winchell That we're adding a limb to our family tree! While pushing that carriage, How proud I will be! There's nothing like marriage; Ask your father and mother and they'll agree! I stay home every night, Love was a game and I played it! Hello mom, what a fight! Gee it was tough but I made it! I'm thankful for wheaties, They made a champion of me! We're having a baby, My baby and me! [nm] You've made me so happy! [ec] No trouble at all! [nm] I'm propud of you, pappy; I'm so glad you invited the stork to call! [ec] There wasn't much to it, [nm] You're just being shy! [ec] No honey, there wasn't much to it; Say, if Jessel can do it, so can I! [nm] Thanks to you, life is bright, Why, you brought me joy beyond measure! [ec] Oh, don't thank me! [nm] No? [ec] It's quite alright, Honestly it was a pleasure! [nm] Just think, it's my first one! [ec] The next one's on me! [both] We're having a baby, My baby and me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2011)


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