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WE'RE NOT CHILDREN From the Broadway Musical "Oh Captain!" (1958) (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans) Jacquelyn McKeever & Paul Valentine (Broadway Prod.) - 1958 José Ferrer & Rosemary Clooney - 1958 Abbe Lane (with Sid Ramin & His Orch.) - 1958 We're not children at the start of life We're not children, just a part of life Take it as it comes, gather all the plums Don't be afraid The sparkling wine of sensuality is here to warm us up Why take just a sip, why don't we drain the cup Let me hold you, let me show you what your lips are for Just remember we're not children anymore (Orchestral Interlude) We're not children, it's not wrong to love We're not children, we belong to love Why should we resist, think of all we've missed Don't be afraid There's a moment when the flame of love has gone beyond control When that moment comes, you know in your heart and soul We can find it, paradise is knocking at our door Just remember we're not children anymore Just remember we're not children anymore Just remember we're not children anymore (Transcribed from the Abbe Lane recording by Mel Priddle - May 2010)


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