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WE'VE GOT THE MOON AND SIXPENCE (Oscar Levant (m) Clifford Grey (l) ) as recorded by Ray Noble & his New Mayfair Dance Orchestra (vocal - Al Bowlly) April 21st 1932 Oh, we've got the moon and sixpence And dreams to make come true. We've courage to smile at our sorrows, That's riches enough for two! We've bread and cheese and kisses, That ought to see us through. A new day is ours each tomorrow, That's a fortune for me and you! The rain will fall but we should care, There's always a shelter near. A rainbow will be ours to share And skies will be sure to clear! Oh, we've got the moon and sixpence And stars to light the blue. So long as we both have each other, That's more than enough for two! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2020)


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