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WE WILL MAKE LOVE (Ronald Hulme) Russ Hamilton - 1957 (Oh yes we will make love) When the moon takes the place of the sun in the sky I'll call for my girlie, We'll go walkin' by To a place no one knows That's how love goes Now we are alone We will make love Oh yes, we will make love I wish we could wed But we are too young But one day I know Wedding bells will be rung For you and for me We'll promise to be So faithful and true I love you Oh yes, I love you Now it's getting late, Now we must part But before I go I will leave you my heart So don't shed a tear I'll always be near I'll hold you so tight And I'll kiss you goodnight Oh yes, I'll kiss you goodnight When I go away Don't ever let your heart go astray `cos my love so true Is only for you So remember you're mine, You're mine all the time When the sun takes the place Of the moon in the sky We'll go on a journey You and I To a far distant land Where our dreams were planned In the clouds up above We will make love Oh yes, we will make love Oh yes, we will make love (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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