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WHAT A LITTLE SMOKE WILL DO (CONSEQUENCES) (Aubrey Stauffer / Al G. Coney Jack Wise - 1907 Give me a pipe and let me smoke I'll drive away my sorrow I'd best be gay, we're here today And maybe gone tomorrow So I will smoke and let my mind To visions idly wander For nicotine is soothing quiet When e'er I wish to ponder When a fellow's lonely, when a fellow's blue Ain't it funny what a puff of smoke will do For to you it seems that smoking brings you dreams And you wonder if they will come true Puff! Puff! Puff! In your dreams you're building castles in the air And in them you see yourself a millionaire Through the vapour blue, all the world's a joke to you Ain't it funny what a little smoke will do I've been around in ev'ry town I've been flush, I've been busted I have been dined, I have been wined Till I'm almost disgusted I'd like a wife, a simple life That honest, I've been thinking But till I find the girl for mine I'll just keep on a-drinking When a fellow's thirsty, when a fellow's blue Ain't it very funny what a drink will do Life to you is fine when you are drinking wine No thought of the morrow comes to you Drink! Drink! Drink! When at morn you waken, how your head does ache 'Tis then you vow that not another drop you'll take Wish I'd saved the mun that I've spent for booze and fun Ain't it funny what a little drink will do! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2016)


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