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WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW? From the short film "Service With A Smile" (1934) (Cliff Hess) Maxine Doyle & Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1934 BOY: That's a pretty pass, what luck, dear We're all out of gas, we're stuck here MAXINE: Hmmm, this looks suspicious Whatcha gonna do now? BOY: Simply hang around, no hurry I know we'll be found, don't worry MAXINE: Hmmm, it sounds fictitious Whatcha gonna do now? BOY: This old front seat will be comfy Far from the busy town MAXINE: What a setting, its made for petting I'm glad the car broke down BOY: Now the big surprise, hold steady You must close your eyes, all ready? MAXINE: Mmmm, this'll be delicious Whatcha gonna do now? (BOY: This car is a real satisfaction If you like to feel knee action GIRL: Uh-uh, never mind the shifting Whatcha gonna do now?) (GIRL: Now you got me here, stop shirking What's the big idea, start working BOY: Whether our addressing [sic] Whatcha gonna do now?) (GIRL: Of course you know that I'm the sweetie Of "Fighting" Dan McVay BOY: Is he jealous? GIRL: Awfully jealous BOY: The car now runs okay) BOY: You're a pretty miss, let's park here How about a kiss, it's dark here MAXINE: Mm-mmmm POLICEMAN: Whatcha gonna do now? BOY: Nothing! POLICEMAN: Nothing. Is that right? You're slow You get out and hold this light I'll show you MAXINE: Mm-mmmm POLICEMAN: Take my motorcycle Whatcha gonna do now? BOY: Hah-hah-hah, I always keep a spare here Whatcha gonna do now? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2017)


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