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WHAT DO I CARE WHAT SOMEBODY SAID (Music: Harry MacGregor Woods / Lyrics: Sidney Clare) Vaughn DeLeath - 1927 Lee Morse & Her Southern Serenaders - 1927 Annette Hanshaw & The Original Memphis Five - 1927 Jan Garber & His Orch. (vocal: Carole Warren) - 1927 Ben Selvin's Harmonians (vocal: Arthur Fields) - 1927 Red McKenzie's Candy Kids (aka Mound City Blue Blowers) - 1927 Ray Starita & The Piccadilly Revels Band - 1927 Also recorded by: Back Bay Ramblers As recorded by LEE MORSE & Her Southern Serenaders, March 17th 1927, New York: (Yodelling) Everywhere I go, you'll see my baby too Strollin' the park, struttin' the avenue Now people pass remarks, but I hear every word Here's a few I've overheard Somebody said, "Oh, take a look at that baby!" Somebody said, "Oh, take a look at that boy!" Somebody said, "Gee, but he is sure a wonderful baby Such beautiful eyes and lips and hair, too good to be true" Somebody said, "Well, he's a little bit silly" Somebody said, "Sure, nothin' up in his head" But when they rave I go, "Tee-hee" 'Cause I know he's in love with me So what do I care what somebody said (Yodelling) Somebody said, "Oh, oh, oh, keep away from that baby" Somebody said, "No, no, no, no, nobody for you Somebody said, "I know why, but I don't like to be catty When people do this, that, those, and other things too" Somebody said, "Say, why, he hasn't a penny" Somebody said, "Gosh gee-whiz, why, he hasn't a cent" But while some folks knock and others hoot My daddy always comes home to roost So what do I care what somebody said (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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