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WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO ? From the Broadway Musical "Jamaica" (1957) (Harold Arlen / E.Y. Harburg) Lena Horne - 1957 Tony Bennett - 1962 The Sun is full of liquor The Earth is full of wine Crickets doin' nip-ups Brown columbine The feeling is infectious June is everywhere Hearts, light and windy 'Cause Spring is in the air Although what good does it do a guy To know that June is in the sky What good to know That there are birds and bees Composin' beautiful calypsos In the eucalyptus trees It's strange, but sad When love go bad The Spring that once come to tickle us Now add up to re-dick-alas And so I say What good is April or June or May What good are sonnets in the Spring That you sing Or cherries in the trees That you see Or lilies in the dell That you smell When you're alone With June in the sky What good does it do Does it do or die The smell in the dell The rose in your hair The thrillin' spell And the whole mir-a-kell Of the Moon in the velvet sky What good does it do Does it do, does it do or die (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2003)


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