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WHAT IS IT? (Harry Barris / Harry Tobias) Smith Ballew & His Piping Rock Orch. - 1931 Lloyd Keating & His Music (vocal: Robert Wood)** - 1931 Jacques Renard & His Orch. (vocal: Paul Small) - 1931 The Boswell Sisters - 1931 The High Hatters - 1931 ** Lloyd Keating and Robert Wood were pseudonyms for Ben Selvin and Paul Small. You've got me hypnotised You've got me mesmerized Why do you fascinate me so Just like a magnet, dear You seem to draw me near Tell me, honey, I'd like to know What is it, what is it That makes me want you The way that I do What is it? Please tell me, what is it That gives me a thrill Like nothing else will What is it? You're not as good lookin' As some of the rest But you've got that something That I like the best What is it, what is it I'm dying to know Why I love you so What is it? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2015)


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