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WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED SWING? (Armstrong / Gerlach) (Louis Armstrong / Horace Gerlach) Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra recorded January 18th 1939 New York Now fifteen cats were swingin' like you never heard before, Each one took a solo, and the people cried for more! All at once the leader stopped, and hollered to the band, "Boys, I like your playin', but I just don't understand; What is this thing called swing? What is this thing called swing? Is it jazz or dragtime? Futuristic ragtime? What is this thing called swing? Now if swing's the thing you talk about, I might have the boys to beat it out! First of all our saxophones Gonna rattle off some mellow tones. Yes sir, get together boys! Thankyou. Now folks don't get too hot, 'Cause that rhythm section's comin' up, And they're really on the spot! (scat), yessir! Thankyou. Now when Gabriel starts his jamboree, He's got to blow six brass for me! Get your chops together boys, I'm comin' over there after ya, yessir! Take your hot rock, beat it out, Show them where our swing's about! How d'ya like that, little cats tellin' me to beat it out! Well you just let me get this organ to my mouth, Wait a minute, wait a minute! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2013)


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