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WHAT KINDA DEAL IS THIS (Wayne Gilbreath) Johnny Wright - 1966 Now me and Liz was out on our first date We was sittin' at a red light havin' to wait And this ol' boy walked up with a possum grin And just opened the car door and got right in And I thought 'What kinda deal is this?' Now you know the thing that was a-gettin' me the most Was the way this ol' boy seemed to feel his oats He was really gettin' under my skin Just sittin' over there with that big stupid grin And I thought 'What kinda deal is this?' So I got to wonderin' about this friend of Liz And I figured in a minute she'll tell me who he is As we drove along I thought man, oh man 'Cause me and him and Liz was all three holdin' hands And I thought 'What kinda deal is this?' Now I ain't too smart, but I can still see This whole deal looked all fouled up to me So I thought I'd better stop it, it's goin' too far 'Cause she was huggin' me and he was huggin' her And, boy, I thought 'What kinda deal is this?' Well, I know'd it wadn't right, but what could I say So I thought I'd let it go along that way But pretty soon I know'd that I was out on a limb 'Cause I couldn't kiss her without kissin' him I thought 'What kinda deal is this?' So I stopped the car and I says, "Now looky here Liz You'd better tell me who this guy is" She says, "Why I don't know him, I thought he was your friend" I said, "Well, if you don't know him, what's he doin' in here then?" 'What kinda deal is this?' (Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom, bom-bom-bom-bom-bom) So I grabbed him by the collar and I pulled him from the car And I said, "Man, I ain't never seen nobody like you are How come you pull these kinda jokes?" He says, "Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it don't" And I thought what kinda deal is this Well I drew back my fist to hit him in the face He broke loose and outrun a snake Now here I stand just looking at Liz And both of us wonderin' who this guy is Now what kinda deal do you think this is SPOKEN: You find out, I wish you'd let me know...'cause boy, I ain't never been so fouled up in all my life...and this'll go down in history, I guess..........FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2011)


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