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WHAT'LL YOU DO? (Ned Miller / Chester Cohn) Sophie Tucker (with Miff Mole's Molers) - 1927 Isham Jones & His Orch. (vocal: Eddie Thomas) - 1927 Harry Reser's Midnight Ramblers (vocal: Tom Stacks) - 1927 Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders (vocal: Hal White) - 1927 Leo Reisman & His Orch. - 1927 As recorded by SOPHIE TUCKER: You've been braggin' that you're gonna leave me Now let me tell you you're not so smart If you think so, honey, then believe me You will be sorry when we're apart, 'cause honey When you find you have nobody to miss you Nobody to kiss you, then what'll you do When you wait around for someone to phone you And nobody calls you, then what'll you do What is that I hear you say, you're going, you won't stay You're going, let me say be on your way, but listen Don't come back because your place'll be taken And when you're forsaken, then what'll you do (Instrumental Break) I said when you weep and moan for someone to cheer you And nobody hears you, then what'll you do And when you wanna go somewhere that delights you But no one invites you, then what'll you do Even though I beg you stay, you're leaving, alright, baby, you won't stay Huh, you're leaving, well let me say be on your way, but listen Once you go, you're gone and don't you forget it And when you regret it, then what'll you do, do, what'll you do (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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