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WHAT MORE CAN I SAY (Art Noel) As recorded by: Joe Loss & His Orchestra V. Chick Henderson Recorded 10th January 1942 Also recorded by: Flanagan & Allen What more can I say, I love you, I do If you went away I’d be lonesome and blue You’re one in a million, there’s not even two What more can I say What I wouldn’t do for you honey child If you only knew you’re driving me wild I love you, I love you, that’s putting it mild What more can I say I walk in my sleep, I talk in my sleep All about you, honest I do I shout and I rave, my heart won’t behave In fact I’m going crazy over you You’re lovely to kiss, you’re lovely to hold More than a dream, more precious than gold I want you, I need you, now my story’s told What more can I say. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - August 2013)


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