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WHAT'S SO EASY FOR TWO IS SO HARD FOR ONE (Smokey Robinson) Mary Wells Also recorded by : Lulu; Barbara Randolph. Well well well well Let's get together and go for a walk in the park And while we're walking we can steal a little kiss in the dark I wanna walk with you (I wanna walk with you) I wanna talk with you (I wanna talk with you) But it's up to you to say "Come on baby" If you don't hurry up I'll go crazy 'Cause a walk in the park all alone is just no fun CHORUS: What two can easily do, what two can easily do Is so hard to be done by one I'm sure that you know that I love you with all of my heart But a love that's true really takes two to start I wanna do my share (I wanna do my share) To show you that I care (to show you that I care) 'Cause a one-sided love will never do You gotta show me that you love me too 'Cause falling in love all alone is just no fun (chorus) One can build a love affair slowly Two can build a love affair fast One can make a love get started Two can make it last (instrumental) So come on and take me by the hand Lead me up to the preacher man Together we can do all the things that should be done (repeat chorus and fade)


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