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WHAT'S THE USE (Kermit Goell, Stuart Foster, Ross Bagdasarian) Performed by: Johnny Ray What's the use for my wine, Cantaloupes on the wine? You ignore me. What's the use I've got land, Fifty acres pure sand, What's the use? What's the use for the rope, I climb up like a dope to impress you? What's the use? As I fear, I fall flat on my ear, What's the use? What's the use? What's the use? I implore you, oh, my sweet desert quail. What's the use? What's the use? You ignore me with a toss of your veil. I'll buy you rugs and clothes. What's the use? What's the use? I will never be a sheik if I fail. What's the use for that shape full and round like a grape in the summer? What's the use? It's my fate I'll go home meditate, What's the use?


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