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WHAT'S THE USE OF BREAKING UP (Gamble / Bell / Jerry Butler) Jerry Butler CHORUS: What's the use in breakin' up When you just turn around & make up? Oh you say you're tired & you're uninspired & you wanna leave me, oh baby The last time you felt that way Girl, you left me for a whole day Then you called me on the telephone (hey baby) In your sweet & your softest tone (hey baby) Askin' me "What should we do?" When you know all the time that I'm crazy about you (chorus x2) We had the same conversation Well it couldn't have been more than a week ago I said "Darlin', you're breakin' my heart & I don't see how I can take much more" I got up & walked out of the door (hey baby) Walked on down to the corner store (hey baby) & by the time what I said took in I turned right around & came back again (chorus x2) Girl, I guess we do it 'cause it's such a groove (hey baby) To find somethin' that you need to use (hey baby) Oh baby, I love you, I swear & ain't neither one of us goin' nowhere (chorus x2) You know that you & I both started & if we break up we will be broken hearted Let on I've always loved you & I think the whole world of you ...& fade


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