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WHAT WILL I TELL MY HEART (L) Jack Lawrence, (M) Peter Tinturin As recorded by: Brian Lawrence & His Orchestra V. Brian Lawrence Recorded 20th May 1937 Also recorded by: Hank Crawford Willis “Gator” Jackson Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians I’ll try to explain to friends, dear The reason we two are apart I know what to tell our friends, dear But what will I tell my heart It’s easy to say to strangers That we played a game from the start It’s easy to lie to strangers But what will I tell my heart When I smile to hide all the tears inside What an ache it will bring Then I’ll wander home to a telephone That forgot how to ring I could say you’ll soon be back, dear To fool the whole town may be smart I’ll tell them you’ll soon be back, dear But what will I tell my heart. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -December 2013)


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