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WHAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND Delp & Goudreau It's a constant revelation Ever changing over time As we chart our destination Take our places on the line Were we put here for a reason Part of someone's grand design Or does the answer come from living Taking one step at a time And we build on our traditions Taking hope in what we find And we strengthen our positions On what's been left behind It's a constant education In a world of give and take Along the way sometimes we stumble But we learn from our mistakes Always looking for an answer To find the reason in the rhyme There's a million burning questions And we keep looking for a sign And some call on intuition Some call on the divine In the end it doesn't matter It's what you leave behind And some call on inner vision Some call on the divine No matter what the inspiration There's always something on the line So don't squander what you're given Make the most of precious time Life's not only for the living It's what you leave behind


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