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WHEE BABY (Alice Larson / Peggy Lee) as recorded by June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1958 I read an old fairy story, whee baby, couldn't put it down! There was a man named Aladdin, he had the greatest lamp in town! And with the lamp was a genie, whee baby, what that guy could do! I says, "Hey gen'e you're terrific, just bring the lamp and I'm with you!". The lamp belonged to Aladdin, that's what the genie said; I said, "Ah, he wouldn't miss it", I guess I lost my head! I saw an oil well in Texas, whee baby, just imagine that! I saw my name on the oil well, whee baby, bought a stetson hat! I bought a real fancy mansion, whee baby, cost a lot of dough! It had a real marble bathtub, whee baby, where that genie go? Whee baby, what that guy could do! Whee bay, genie I'm with you! You know I talked to that genie, whee baby, what a thing to do! I says, "If you'll leave Aladdin, I'll get you in the movies too!". He got a call from aladdin, he left me in a puff of smoke; And then, you know somethin' funny, whee baby, dill I wound up broke! There he goes, There he goes, Whee baby, there he goes! Whee baby, Whee baby, Whee... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2014)


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