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WHEN A BOY FALLS IN LOVE (Cooke / Levert) Sam Cooke & Mel Carter I've heard them say love was a wonderful thing Something you couldn't hide on a shelf But to me they no longer have to explain Because I know for myself He awakens each morn with a smile on his face When a boy is in love and the world to him is a beautiful place When a boy is in love He's up & he's gone, there's no breakfast for him 'Cause he lives on the love of his sweet little gem The days are through, though it's not very long Before he must talk to his girl on the phone That's how it is when a boy falls in love His girl's voice on the phone brings him wondrous delight When a boy is in love If there's been any darkness & all face from sight When a boy is in love He can hardly wait till the moment they meet For he knows when he sees her, his day will be complete When they're finally alone & he kisses her lips The world sings a love song & his heart turns a flip That's how it is when a boy falls in love At the end of the day the time comes they must part The strains of regret tear away at his heart and late in the night, as he sleeps in his bed Visions of her sweet charm, how they dance in his head & before you know, he is buying a ring To capture forever that sweet darlin' thing That's how it is when a boy falls in love


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