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WHEN HE'S ALL DOLLED UP (He's The Best Dressed Rube In Town) (1917) (Walter Donaldson / Monty C. Brice) Talk about your Beau Brummels, Talk about your city swells We've got one right in our town, I mean Elmer Hatchway Brown Folks, I never like to swear But, by heck, I do declare, He's the swellest guy I've seen He's like an actor on the movin' picture screen When he's all dolled up you ought to see him When he's all dolled up He's got a funny little pinch back coat and bamboo cane; Has an umbrella if it's going to rain He's a gosh darn dude, there's no denying From his derby hat right down Always wears a flower in his buttonhole Wears a rubber band around his old bank role When he's all dolled up you ought to see him He's the best dressed dude in town. Down at this year's County Fair, Elmer Hatchway Brown was there All dressed up to beat the band The ladies all thought he was grand Stepped right in the betting ring Bet a dime on some darn thing, Lost and started in to sing, It seemed he didn't give a good gol ding. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - March 2005)


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