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WHEN I'M HOUSEKEEPING FOR YOU >From the film "The Battle Of Paris" (1929) (Music: Jay Gorney / Lyrics: Dick Howard [aka Howard Dietz]) Gertrude Lawrence (Film Soundtrack) - 1929 Frank Auburn [aka Ben Selvin] & His Orch. (vocal: Annette Hanshaw) - 1929 Eva Taylor - 1929 Sam Lanin & His band - 1930 Karen Lynn Gorney - 2007 I never meant to be a gadabout In fact I'm mad about sweet simplicity The things I've done were unintentional I crave conventional domesticity I'm sure your reward would be commensurate If you could relent and let me venture it Then pies I'll be baking and rugs I'll be shaking And beds I'll be making for you Cooking and spicing and spreading cake icing To make life enticing for you I know that men's work may be from sun to sun But woman's work somehow is never, never done So laughing, not weeping, I'll go to my sweeping When I am housekeeping for you I'll do the rocking each time the baby cries And now and then I'll have to change his.......lullabies Although it's a grind, dear, somehow I won't mind, dear When I am housekeeping for you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2014)


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