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WHEN IT'S MOONLIGHT IN TOKYO (Words by Bobby Heath / Music by Charles P. Shisler, Billy James, 1917) Dear old Japan I hear you calling me, though I am far away; I dream of you, too, though all the night and day. I have spent my time in many lands, I've seen beauty everywhere, but Tokyo, when bathed in moonlight's glow, is beauty sweet and rare. I long to go to dear old Tokyo, beneath those Eastern skies; its gardens fair and poppy perfumed air, bring dreams of paradise. Japanese lovers strolling though the town, lanterns swinging to and fro, each moonlight Jap lover's hearts are bright, in dear old Tokyo. When it's moonlight in Tokyo, mid the flowers, when the lanterns are burning low, Happy Hours! every girlie in old Japan finds she's loving some Japanese man, sings while holding his little hand: "Hurry up, hurry up, I'm waiting." Down through Japanese Lover's Lane they are strolling, each boy humming the same refrain: "My butterfly, I love but you, tell me you love me true," when it's moonlight in Tokyo!


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