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WHEN IT'S ORANGE BLOSSOM TIME IN LOVELAND (I'll Be Waiting At The Church For You) (Words by Jeff Branen / Music by Arthur Lange, 1915) Don't you sigh, don't you cry, good times will soon be coming, Springtime must come again. By and by you and I, a tune will soon be humming more like a wedding strain. For the day is dawning near, I'll be with you never fear. Winter's here, spring is near, for time is ever flying, soon we must welcome June. Then my dear, never fear, You'll have no time for sighing, then's when we'll honeymoon. With your sweetheart by your side, you will be a blushing bride. When it's orange blossom time in loveland don't forget to wear your wedding gown, dress right up in style, wear your sweetest smile, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'll soon be back in town. When you hear those wedding bells a ringing, then you'll understand just what to do. When it's orange blossom time in love land I'll be waiting at the church for you.


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