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WHEN IT'S SLEEPY TIME DOWN SOUTH (Leon Rene / Otis Rene / Clarence Muse 1929) Recorded by - The Dixie Serenaders 1929 Louis Armstrong 1931/'32/'41/'55 Paul Whiteman (vocal - Mildred Bailey) 1931 Paul Robeson 1931 Helen Rowling w Phil Spitalny 1931 The Boswell Sisters 1932 Benny Goodman 1930's Connee Boswell 1940 The New Orleans Feetwarmers 1941 Mel Torme 1947 Frankie Laine 1951 Dean Martin 1954 Billie Holiday 1959 Teresa Brewer 1959/'91 Ted Heath 1959 Bing Crosby 1975 Betty Carter 1992 as recorded by Louis Armstrong (vocal & trumpet) with Trummy Young (trombone) Barney Bigard (clarinet) Billy Kyle (piano) Barrett Deems (drums) and Orchestra (live) January 1955 Hollywood Now the pale moon's shinin' on the fields below, The folks are crooning soft and low, You needn't tell me, boy, because I know, yeah! When it's sleepy time down south, (scat). Soft wind blowin' through the pinewood trees, The folks down there live a life of ease, When whole family falls on their knees When it's sleepy time down south, (scat). Steamboats up the river comin' and goin', (scat) Splashin' the night away, (scat). You hear those banjos ringin', All the people all singing, They dance till the break of day. Dear old Southland with this dreamy song, Take me back where I belong Right in my Mammy's arms When it's sleepy time down south. Dear old Southland with it's dreamy song (scat), Take me back where I belong Right in my Mammy's arm When it's sleepy time, sleepy time down south. Yes, Lord. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2018)


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