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WHEN JUDY SMILED (Written by Dean / Casons) Jimmy Dean - 1970 NOTE:The entire song is spoken in a trembling, emotional voice. Things would go at their usual pace The hustle and bustle as we ran life's race But the world somehow was a prettier place When Judy smiled And that's just what Judy'ld always do She made you feel that it was just for you And things that were old became shiny and new When Judy smiled The lovely hours, such joy, such fun A glance, a touch and my whole world spun an' I felt like a Hershey that was left in the sun When Judy smiled Then I saw a face that was filled with pain an' She hadn't known that I was near But for me, through eyes that were filled with tears I saw her smile.....Judy smiled Oh God why? Why her? Why now? Why not me? I deserve somehow But she'd never hurt anyone, she didn't know how She just smiled, she always smiled Through life's empty streets I walk See no faces and I hear no talk Flesh and blood that's turned to chalk 'Cos she no longer smiles The blade thrust deep, my life ebbs slow God please forgive, but I gotta try to go To where Judy smiles


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