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WHEN MY SHIP COMES IN Walter Donaldson (m) Gus Kahn (l) 1934 as rec by Eddie Cantor Oct 1st 1934 Los Angeles also rec by- The Dorsey Bros Orch '34 George Melly w Digby Fairweather & his Half Dozen 2003 Kate Smith You know I hate to hear you sigh, But you get blue, and so do I, Because our ship of dreams Gets lost at sea, it seems! But though it's very far away, It will return some day! We'll have that cottage you've been wishing for, We'll have those roses rambling round the door, And maybe baby playing on the floor When my ship comes in! You'll have the most expensive evening gown, I'll have the finest dinner coat in town; The finest families won't turn us down When my ship comes in! That fur coat you've been craving Is practically sold! There will be no skimping and saving, All you've got to do is pray the weater's cold! We'll have a little car that's nearly new, We'll have it painted every year or two, And best of all, I know that I'll have you When my ship comes in! I'll buy out every ice cream factory, So all the kids can come and get in free, And I'll throw all the spinach in the sea When my ship comes in! I'll buy up all the public schools in sight, And all day long I'll have them closed up tight, For they'll be used as picture shows at night When my ship comes in! I'll buy Barnum and Bailey And move 'em right next door! They'll give two performances daily For the kids who never saw a how begore. In golden chairs we'll sip our tea for two, I'll have Paul Whiteman there to play for you, I'll have Bing Crosby singing "boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo" When my ship comes in! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2011)


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