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WHEN SHE WALKS IN THE ROOM (Sigmund Romberg / Dorothy Fields) Dick Haymes 1948 Transcribed from film Up In Central Park 1948 >From the Broadway Musical & Book Up In Central Park 1945 Director: William A. Seiter Leads: Deanna Durbin/Dick Hames/Vincent Price Was originally supposed to shoot in Technicolor but cancelled due lack of money. The air seems fresh The lights go bright The walls are charged With dynamite. The artificial flowers bloom When she walks in the room. The statues smile The curtains wave The big stuffed elk Becomes her slave The antique clock begins to boom When she walks in the room. The family album opens And relatives galore Look up and smile like angels They never smiled before. And there she'll stand, so sweet and cool While I stand waiting like a fool To meet my sweet and lovely doom When she walks in the room. The goldfish grin The love birds squeal The old wax fruit Tastes almost real. They lose that old familiar gloom When she walks in the room. The antique desk begins to swell That homely corn beef cabbage smell Becomes a fabulous perfume When she walks in the room. The little horse haired sofa Is overstuffed with pride It knows we'll soon be sitting Together side by side. And there she'll be, so young and sweet My heart starts kneeling at her feet My world begins to soar and zoom When she walks in the room. (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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