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WHEN THE GUARDSMAN STARTED CROONING ON PARADE (Eddie Lisbona, Tommie Connor) As recorded by: Jay Wilbur’s Band V. Gerry Fitzgerald Recorded 12th December 1935 Also recorded by: Henry Hall Bobbie Comber The crowd was cheering loudly The guards were marching proudly The band played a regimental tune An then came such an eyeful A guardsman dropped his rifle He left the ranks and then began to croon With a hi-de-hi-de-ho Began the crazy show The general lost his busby He said, ”It’s Private Crosby” When the guardsman started crooning on parade The band played red hot rhythm They knew the stuff to give ‘em When the guardsman started crooning on parade The bugler got excited, he started in to blow The troop joined in the chorus, with a hi-he-hi-de-ho It seems the blinking army Went absolutely barmy When the guardsman started crooning on parade. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -September 2013)


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