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WHEN THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET WAS NEW (Joe Cooper / George J. Moriarty, 1910) Summer was blooming, old times were looming, while I closed my eyes; Scenes I love dearly, came back so clearly, under summer skies, Stars were a gleaming, I was just dreaming, Dreaming, dear of you, Back to the time when you became mine, Just a memory. Life was a pleasure each day a treasure, that I foundly praise, Thoughts of the morrow, never brought sorrow, in those good old days, Back to our childhood, back thro' the wild wood, My thoughts seem to fly, What can compare with those days so rare, Days that never die. When the old oaken bucket was new, That's the first time I made love to you, You turned your head, but you heard all I said, As we sat by the well just we two, We both vowed that our hearts love would flow Just as long as the water below, Life is sweet yet, but I'll never forget, When the old oaken bucket was new.


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